Computer Tech Services - On-site home or office repair
or pick up and drop-off, or voice call, or Remote Assistance.

Our network of experienced techs are the very best around. We will solve your slow and annoying computer problems professionally, without re-installing everything. Don't lose your settings and files.

Upgrades of software and hardware. Training on anything you wish you knew. Be confident that your effort, identity and privacy are safe. Enjoy your computer again knowing that many problems won't happen again and again.

$60 first 2 hour session, is likely all you will need. (Regular $40/hr)

Video and Audio tape transfer.
Get your old bulky VCR or Camera Video Tapes or Cassette Tapes moved to modern DVD or CD or MPEG media player format. Playback on your PC or Smart TV. Advanced sound restoration from poor quality audio recordings.

Websites - Get online within hours from now, on your very own
WWW domain name.

No big computer skills required. Just e-mail us the text and images that you want to show the world. E-mail more requests for any changes along the way. We do all the technical webmaster management for you.

Handcrafted, not automatically generated, to work on all browsers without special plugins or upgrades. No 3rd party advertising banners. Shopping carts, Galleries, Wordpress, Blogs, traffic logs, all kinds of features available.

These are real pictures of our virtual servers professionally housed in a secure datacenter in a major city in Canada. It is super connected to the internet backbone for the very highest speeds. Advanced LiteSpeed unix servers that are up to 9 times faster than industry standard, with SSD Solid-State Drive Storage that are up to 100 times faster than regular hard disks. Cutting edge hardened hacker proof technology. Have your technician transfer away anytime for your own control without problem. Advanced custom CGI programming for database, inventory, queries, search, and more.

E-mail addresses, ftp, CGI scripts, everything you need.

We link to your site so that it will be searchable by major search engines like google, bing, yahoo, etc. Includes a Cube on The and WICY article on

Already have a website that needs rescue ? Locked out, hacked, or un-happy with how it works ? We can replicate it and get it back online safe and working properly.

Pay by credit card or Paypal or Bitcoin. Pre-paid annual.
$1800 USD Complete website, includes hosting on your own domain name.

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